It's going to be a real battle here

General description of the game

Bluecaster — pvp game where in addition to the usual tokens the bet can be NFT. Those wishing to try their luck, they place bets on the total deposit, which is raffled off among the participants at the end of the round.

Fair play

Provably fair
How is this number generated?
How it works?
Our system is clean and transparent. The server generates a unique number called crash rate.
RTP / SeedValue
RTP is a constant and SeedValue is compiled from a specially generated pseudo-letter string and the current date.Based on this, a special cryptographic library generates seeds that will always output the same for the same input dataset.From several seeds, one is randomly selected and it is the coefficient of the current round.
Knowing the hash of the round, the "salt", the current date and the number of the current seed, you can check the validity of the odds via special websites

How does the game work?

Players can bet a certain amount of NFTs and other various tokens, after which a fair system will determine the winner. The higher the amount of your bet, the higher the chance of winning. The odds of winning in the current round are indicated as a percentage under the avatars of the round's participants.


  • At least two players make a bet
  • Countdown to the beginning of the round begins (1 minute). At this stage players can still join
  • Game starts and the winner is picked
  • Winner takes the winnings

Your Bluecaster Profile

In your profile on the site you can change your avatar, see the history of your games and statistics. Total deposit — the sum of your all-time bets WIN% — the percentage of your winnings in relation to all rounds played Total win — the sum of your winnings for all time

Game chat

You can communicate in live chat with other players.

Mobile Adaptation

Bluecaster Game has mobile adaptation, so you can play and win at any time from your phone.